Het monument voor de familie Koot wordt geplaatst
Plaquette voor Deventer: Sacha de Leeuw hakt letters en relief in steen
Een Boomkrans voor de Raad van State

Sketch design


The basis of each letter is calligraphy, the handwriting. An individual letter is designed for each assignment, and the text as a whole is immediately designed, of course from start to finish in consultation. 

After a first conversation I get to work. I make a consultation sketch in which I incorporate what has been discussed. I look for shapes, possibilities, limitations, the type of stone and the size. I also look at the practical side: whether a placement permit is required and whether things are needed such as permits, a foundation, a scaffolding, etc. 

A stone is only ordered later and the delivery time is usually two to four weeks. I can order the stone earlier if I'm in a hurry. I also have a small stock.

The first sketch and the consultation about it usually takes place by e-mail. Sometimes, and certainly with larger projects, a second visit is necessary.

After this I send a second -final- sketch and if everyone is satisfied with it, the next step will come. Sometimes it is necessary to make a third sketch, which is made at no extra cost.



When the final sketch has been approved, the deposit has been paid and any permits have been arranged, I order the stone. It usually takes two to four weeks for a stone to reach me. Then I'll get to work.

If you would like to visit us again to check the progress, you are more than welcome.



Small work can be picked up or delivered, or I place a stone myself. For larger projects, the installation is carried out by professionals with whom I have been working for years.

In the case of a first stone, the resident usually arranges the installation together with the contractor.